Lifeformed at Emerald City Comic Con
Welcome to the first post for the Lifeformed Patreon! Thanks for joining us on the ride to book two, and for our deep dive behind the scenes of Lifeformed: Cleo Makes Contact

But first, Emerald City Comic Con! ECCC was a blast. It’s always great to put a copy of Lifeformed directly into a reader’s hands, or to see someone react to hearing what the book is about. I’ve had the whole thing in my head for so long that I rarely think about the book’s premise, so seeing folks’ faces crinkle up in curiosity and interest is super fun.


We found our table in Artist Alley and discovered that we were right next to Cassie’s SCAD-mate Nicky Soh, who just completed a Kickstarter for his great all-ages story Rock Mary Rock, right across from Jeremy Whitley, the creator/writer of Princeless and Raven and the writer of Marvel’s The Unstoppable Wasp, and just a couple tables down from Ted Naifeh, creator of Courtney Crumrin (and many other titles). So, we were in great company, with the added bonus that my daughters are big fans of all these books, so I might seem cool to them for the few minutes after I’ve told them about all this.

After setting up, we headed over to the Arcane Comics pre-con shindig, at some super tasty New Mexico-style food and chatted a bit with the awesome Jen Vaughn. Have you seen her special cover for Black Mask's The Wilds #1? Here it is. Holy cow. Beautiful.


We kicked off the show with our announcement of the in-progress Lifeformed sequel. The day before, the fine folks at Fanbase Press ran a new interview with Cassie and me by Lifeformed mega-supporter S.T. Lakata. Check it out for some details on the sequel's story, our thoughts on our Lifeformed promotional experiences so far, and me rambling on and on about different awesome tv, movies and comics from last year.

Mid-day, Samantha Kitts of FangirlNation stopped by for a brief video interview. Samantha and her fellow FangirllNation team member were cosplaying Sombra from Overwatch and Froppy from My Hero Academia and their costumes were fantastic.


Friday we woke to a stellar review from The Daily Fandom calling for "Cleo for President!" and then early in the day were visited by Natalie Griffin of The Game of Nerds for an interview.

Cosplay traffic definitely picked up on Day Two, and we were visited by… 

Big Barda!

And met Ghost Rider!

And Deadpool!

And Chewbacca!

And Audrey and Coop!


More great cosplay on Saturday, including…

Darth Vader!

Ripley and Vasquez!

Snake Eyes!

The Tick and Arthur!

A Xenomorph!

Prince Robot the IV and Princess Robot! After I took their picture they wanted to buy a copy of the book. I never imagined a lot of what has taken place since we made the deal to create Lifeformed for Dark Horse, but of all the things I never imagined, selling a book to a guy with a TV on his head probably takes the cake.

Oh, and on a personal note, did I mention I met Chris Claremont and he signed my copy of X-Men: Lifedeath, because that happened. AMAZING.


Sunday was a bit of a blur. We spent a decent chunk of the first part of the day on the con’s most surreal experience, our interview on the SyFy Wire Live Stage. First... the green room, where Cassie snagged a really tasty cupcake, and we got little waters with the SyFy logo on them. Pretty fancy and Hollywood-feeling. We chilled there a bit, talked with with our interviewer (Dany Roth), then went on stage. Three cameras! Microphones (I wasn’t quite sure how to hold mine but Cassie was super-pro)! On-screen graphics! Witty banter (again, more from Cassie than from me)! Not only did I talk about meeting Chris Claremont without tearing up, but I also said the names Sarah Connor and Ripley without getting misty-eyed, so I feel like it was generally a success. 


And then, after just a few more hours at the table, and a couple more cool cosplays…

The Will!


…it was all over. 

Here we are with Nicky on our way out the door.

The show was great and the Washington State Convention Center is a pretty sweet building, complete with an atrium that looks like the ceremonial space at the end of A New Hope (and really feels like it when the chirps of a bunch of cosplay droids are echoing around). ECCC was very well-run and treated us very nicely (artist-only bathrooms!). I can't say the same for Amtrak and my trip, or rather, my epic hero's journey back to Portland, but I'll save that for another post.

Can’t wait for next year!

Oh, wait: Honorable food mentions!

Delicious oatmeal (as always) and a cold brew coffee from Storyville.

A tasty pulled pork sandwich and then on another night, a burger, from The Pine Box. I mean, you can't go wrong eating at a place that used to be a funeral home and hosted Bruce Lee's memorial service AND has a Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris mural on the wall...

I had a delicious lobster roll and a great "Mainehattan" at Bar Harbor. After three (!) days of pre-packaged turkey sandwiches for lunch, this was pretty amazing...

... and, of course, the Top Pot donut I ate was pretty delicious also.

Thanks for reading. If you want to go behind the scenes of Lifeformed: Cleo Makes Contact, check out our first process post here.

Talk to you later - Matt