Life's Journey
The circle of life will lead you to where you need to be. At times, like the mighty waves of a storm at sea, we fight against a force we can never win. So just let go and ride that wave to your destiny. 

No act of kindness is ever too's the power of intention manifested in the heart that is richly rewarded. Always be the change in the world that you wish to see. Blessings are there in abundance if we just know that each random act is acknowledged by the universe. Do acts of kindness simply for the mere act of love and compassion and not for rewards although those will come...each act causes the ripples of connection and intention to encircle the world and out into the universe. Today, just for today....focus on doing good in the world simply for the sake of doing good.

Yes, Life it a Journey. Every single one of us live our own personal amazing journey every day. And every single one of our own journeys at some point connects us to each other. Here is a little of my own personal Journey and why I view life in my own unique and beautiful way.

I am a safe haven, a Host for many Unseen. 

 I am spontaneous, Love to enjoy life, Sexy in my own unique ways, passionate and very unpredictable. I am someone you won't easily forget. I am a freelance Photographer, Writer and Abstract Artist.  I also have Multiple Personality Disorder and my altars can show up at any given time and without warning. 

Having Multiple Personality Disorder (also known as Disassociative Disorder) can make functioning in life a challenge. But I have raised three wonderful young men on my own. Well.... perhaps a few of the 14 altars in me helped raise them as well. I have no shame in speaking about this and I stopped apologizing for who I am a long time ago. I refuse to allow anything to stop me from being successful in everything that I attempt to do. I don't play the pity party... I simply empower myself to be better regardless of the obstacles that may come my way. Being open about this disorder has allowed me to feel motivated to help me empower others with mental disabilities and show them that no matter how hard it may seem, the determination  to be more than a label and the ability to  believe in themselves and their capabilities not only raise their self-esteem, but also help them be successful at reaching whatever goals they set for themselves. If they see I can do it, I want them to know that they can do it too. 

       I am a very outgoing person and I rarely allow anything to bring me down.  My primary goal right now is to earn a living using my writing and photography. As I am traveling, I am blogging and sharing the beauty of this amazing country through my photographs. I have a large network of full time Rvers and van dwellers that help me to determine where my next adventure will be.  Living in a van is a humbling experience but it is also the most rewarding experience of my life.  There is always so much to write about and so much beauty to capture.  I have all the comforts of my version of what 

home is and I am home no matter where I go.  

     Now I invite you to follow me and share this amazing Journey with me. Life is as good or bad as you allow it to be. I do my best to make it good all the time regardless of the challenges that I face.