You might want to read this spoileriffic Patreon post after you read the story itself! It's flash fiction — something like 1400 words. It'll take just a few minutes. It takes place in The World of Names, and is the story of a great and storied hero. So you know everything is going to come out great.

Below, there be spoilers!

A few months ago, a student told me they'd played The Bloody-Handed Name of Bronze, but got kind of stuck; they said they had a fight with a bunch of skeletons, but couldn't figure out what to do to resolve the fight in a satisfactory manner.

I asked them, "What did the skeletons want? What had they promised, or been promised, to bring them back from the Waters of the Underworld?"

He said, "oooooh!"

And so, I present to you, Ligament.

I've got an illustration planned for the story, of course! It took me a bit to figure out the composition. When it's done, I'll shoot the Patreons an eReader-friendly file as quick as I can!