Light in Reverse, I'd Like...
I'd like, To write about this sandcastle earth my brief life is trapped in, A better light than I do right now, But the darkness is everywhere and the poetry in reverse diction block flows out from the empathetic imagination engine within me, endlessly. Often there are times when I can subject my consciousness to fathomable strangely lit depths of the sky where hope resides, to write beautiful melodies of faith, hope and love... But who then would write of the darkness, who then would raise poetic awareness to the travesties the world over? Not that anyone reads these little adages of social observative commentary, but that's not why writing is important to me. Someday people will read it and they might be shocked at how my experiences, mind and imagination contrived to write such pieces, but that is for them to respond to, it is my just duty to those wounded by the haunting memory aches of injustice... To write! In earnest anticipation of, Ps. I guess that's why they call it art activism, because you believe it... To be the write thing to right, even if it is light in reverse.
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