Light Leaks Preview #3
I'm so excited to share this set with you. It's easy to be very critical of one's work, and self-portraits doubly so, so when I tell you I'm so proud of what this turned out to be, I hope you'll be as excited as I am. 

It's edited with a LR preset of my own (codename: Swamp Thing), and shot (with the obvious exception of the lamp in the last preview) entirely with natural light, courtesy of the world's cutest motel room. 

So strap in, $15+ patrons, because there are a bunch of butt photos coming your way, and a bunch of other goodies too! 

It's Quarterly Zine time! $5+ tiers get a digital copy, and $25+ tiers get print copies, which will be a fun adventure for all of us! But more about that later. I'll also tell you a story about inappropriate timing, when I can find a way to make it funny!