The Light Shineth is now available
Restart your clients to get the new Pine Box available to play. Wretched times!
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Pledge $0 or more per OCTGN update
Pledge $0.01 or more per OCTGN update
Patrons Only
Pledge $1 or more per OCTGN update
7 patrons
Superior Person: I post most new publicly anyway, but this is the place where I'll be posting ETA updates for the latest set I'm working on or any other projects I currently tackling. It's small but keep getting asked by people when new sets are coming out, and this is a small way to reward those who support me, even a little bit.

Plus you get to feed my unhealthy perfectionism for my game definitions which definitely makes you a better human being.
Pledge $3 or more per OCTGN update
8 patrons
Supercharged: I will use your OCTGN username to provide a special announcement as one OCTGN game of your choosing starts, in order to strike fear and despair in the heart of your opponent or generally to show how awesome you are.  I'll also be supercharging some of your cards so that they display any available alternative art for the game you're playing.

If you select this reward, please contact me with your OCTGN username and which game you'd like to supercharge.
Pledge $5 or more per OCTGN update
1 patron
  • Supercharged (See previous)
  • Customized Reward: Not only do you become Supercharged but you will be able to write what you want yourself for the announcement (as long as it's not anything bigoted or hateful of course) and can also choose for it to appear either at the start or the end of your turn instead of just after game setup. A great recognition for your support.

If you select this reward, please contact me with your OCTGN username, which game you'd like to customize and what message you'd like to display when the game is starting. You can request a message either for the start of the game, or for the start or end of each of you turns. If you change the start/end of turn message, it will replace the default message for you.
Pledge $10 or more per OCTGN update
0 of 20 patrons
  • Customized Reward (See previous)
  • Supercharged (See previous)
  • Custom Card Reward: You can provide me with an Alt-art to replace the art in a card of your choosing, such as a character in a game. When you play that card, it will automatically change to your chosen art for everyone in the game, allowing you to have your personal avatar in-game (Again, no bigoted or hateful stuff allowed. Also no p0rn or nudity since people on the other side of the board might be children). You can also choose to change your favourite item or deed or whatever you use a lot. The card to change it up to you ;)

For each $5 you add over this amount, You can add another Customized Card to a game that you want.

*Initially this is a limited offer, until I'm sure I won't run into any space limitations. Once I'm certain this is possible, I'll be increasing this limit
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