Light VS Light
Harsh light blinds my sight  
From the world outside;   
Like waking up to kissing drops of sun  
That found its way through darkening curtains,  
Yet different from the call to embrace life…   

It wants me to stay hidden,   
Away from the buzz of life,  
Inside where I’m safe and sound…  
But the sun calls me to take the first steps,  
Into the streets, out into the world beyond these doors…    

My mind is screaming, “Just give me five!”  
Five more minutes of shut-eyes,  
Of soft pillows and warm blankets…  
“Come live this wonderful morning!”  
Beckons the chirping sparks of dew drops.   

How is it possible for light to be so different?  
One blinding and frustrating, but oh so pleasing,   
The other warm and gentle, yet nagging…  
A war rages on around me!  
Neither allowing me peace and quiet!   

“Fine I’m up! I’ll go out! Does not mean I’ll enjoy it!”  
I push the thought to the back of my mind…  
“Okay… Maybe today might be better than Yesterday?”  
Curtains flung open!  
Suddenly everything seems new…