Lightbox pattern template! Download.
I designed the first version of this over 10 weeks ago and made a little mock up out of paper to test it, then modified the pattern to come up with the current version. I expect it will change once I fabricate the first few copies. Have to get that done this week, so printed this out and put it together tonight, tomorrow I go and buy some coroplast and try to build the first four lightboxes for Intro to cartooning. I made two patterns, i'm sharing them with you all now! I've attached them to this post. The one called 'lightboxtemplatesingle2.pdf' is for making a single unit out of a 32"x48" sheet, a common smaller size I saw listed on supply sites. It's a bit of a compromise with more tabs than I'd like to make it fit. 

The one I'm using I think will be a bit more rugged though, and i can get four of them out of a 4'x8' ft sheet of coroplast. I'll be scoring, folding and gluing the wedge shaped box, and use zip ties and gaffing tape to secure it and smooth edges.It's designed to work with something like a cheep clip lamp, we have several of those at the school already to work with. And a sheet of perspex/plexi for the top, we've got some of that on hand at the school too. More to come! Krafty studio DIY stuff.  

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