Lighting Test for CGR Feature Review
Here's some behind the scenes mayhem for everyone. Today I completed the first day of principal photography for the CGR Feature Review of MUSHA!!

This shots were all filmed before the real takes (which came out really good!). I set up the lighting, tested it with two cameras. The Canon 5D obviously blew away the Sony Handicam for live, studio filming and I recorded the audio with the Zoom H5 and external shotgun mic. The audio in the video is a bit hot, I turned it down for the final takes.

Ultimately I'm thrilled with the lights and Canon footage. The Sony is better for run and gun filming and screen shots, although I'm going to spend more time on the background of the TV shots before I actually record them. I laid down the Edit-Station 1 audio tracks today but haven't added filters to my voice yet. I'll film the computer later after I get all of the live shots done first.

Hope you enjoy it! As the set and background near completion I plan to shoot more of the studio footage with this setup since the new videos are all being made for physical release. A good lens makes a world of difference, but it's far more time consuming to use.