Lightness/Rapture ~ Gene Key 30 ~ Embody Leaving Light
Day 30 of DailyDance at Patreon creator project for 2017 with embodied inquiry of the question: 

"How is pure LOVE blossoming now?"

Each day I spontaneously contemplate this question in the "raw" along with one of the 64 Gene Keys in consecutive order through videography, body movement and song, relating with the natural landscape, spoken word, story telling and other creative means.

Today our greater community gathered to honor the life and passing (from an unexpected heart attack) of a young friend who lived with boundless lightness and loving rapture. Each time we'd meet, which was relatively rare (sometimes months or years later), he would immediately recognize me and take up right where we'd left off with a warmth surpassing most of my closest friends. His ability to be in the moment fully as if we'd never parted spread into all his freeform interactions with life and the myriad beings he encountered. Today at his memorial with hundreds of his friends and family, I literally felt his spirit/soul expand and directly seed his verve for life into all of us. For days after this event I was enlightened with a sense of his presence awakening within and through me. This evening's dance with the rainbow colored lights in the center of our town...reveals his energy moving through me...through the light...through everything....and rapturously back to its Source.

"'Dance is a radiance you emit while playing hopscotch across the length and breadth of the universe."  

~Japanese Butoh Master Kazuo Ohno 

"Rapture comes when all your desires have been purified into a single overarching return to your Source...a yearning for the light, for freedom from suffering. This is after all what all our desires really are--the desire for GOD...lets just be honest, you are here seeking God, yearning for that Source. The Sufis know about just become that longing." 

~ Richard Rudd on the 30th Gene Key  

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