In just a couple weeks Cap is going to be at Oak City ComiCon in Raleigh, NC - with Lightning Dogs flyers in tow! (Thanks to your generous Patreon contrbutions, we orderd 2,500 of them.) March 18th-19th.

Perhaps you want to paper your town with Lightning Dogs propaganda... Well, if so, we've got the hookup! Attached here is everything you need to be a one-person LD Street Team. 

The only rules are these: Be polite - remember, you're an ambassador of Lightning Dogs! Ask if you can put up posters or drop of flyers in stores, etc. If anyone asks, say you're part of the Lightning Dogs Street Team. (Sometimes print shops are wary about ownership of images - tell them to contact [email protected] if they don't believe you - or show them this page!)

Here's what's attached:

 4x5 full-color flyers -  These are exactly what we've ordered for ourselves. If you've got the money to spend and the will to distribute these - by all means! We got ours made through Here's how to do that: Click the "Flyers" tab. Then click the "Medium" tab. Select the size "4x5". From there, there's a few other options. Select any cardstock preference,  "No Coating", "2-Sided Colors", and "Remove Tag". They'll ask you to pay and THEN you upload. Too pricey? Well that's fine! We've got more cost-effective, DIY options below!

Two 8.5x11 pages of four 5x4 LD flyers - fronts and backs. You can print only one side if you want (we reccomend the back if so) and if you do double-sided consider a slightly thicker paper stock than normal. They might not alighn perfectly, but they're made to look kinda DIY anyhow, so that's okay.

Two 8.5x11 promo posters - A color and black and white version. The color version is in CMYK so it might display odd on your screen, but should print fine. Post 'em up at your favorite comic and gaming stores, convention halls, community boards, school spaces, telephone poles, and abandoned facilities!

If you make some kinda crazy display or post up a poster somewhere cool, take a picture!

In need of other resources or have some other Street Team ideas? Let us know! Hawooooooooo!

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