Like A Lion

March is here and the year is 2017. Two thousand, seventeen. Man, that is a lot of years gone since year one was placed into a calendar. I wonder if they had cat calendars back then!? What to do now? March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. I like lamb, it taste good. Be the lion in your life. Take charge of each day, each month, every year you are alive. There is a lot to do and almost no time to do it. Unless you plan accordingly. The people who come and go into your world are waiting for you to say hi. March is going to be an amazing month if you only allow it.

I am going to give myself four goals this month. One goal for each week. My first goal will be to prepare for the coming semester workshop I am teaching in April. Second, as we near the end of the month, I want to have all the songs, for my July show, written out for the musicians. I have two, well, one and half songs remaining. Third is to connect with people more. Getting together with a group of people more often. And forth is something simple and to the point in my life, I want to cut out bread and really focus on getting my strength back.

What is one thing you want to accomplish this month? That one thing to further your life, career, or relationships. Let it sink in while you think about it and give it some volume and power. Brainstorm if you have to and come up with a few ideas to work on. From that list pick one special action you want to really get started. Success comes with preparation and proactive effort. Let your mind become the action in your hands to birth results. I hope you can find solutions this year and make the next ten months amazingly powerful! Go get what you want in life.