Like a Phoenix From The Ashes. (If the Phoenix was a webpage and the ashes were servers.)

I've been working with Mismuse on getting our webpage and archives of content back up, and I'm happy to say that after losing nearly everything from the old page, we have restored and overhauled enough of our site that we can start showing it off with pride again!

We're at about 65% complete with the restoration work, and a fortunate discovery in one of my surviving backups has most of our old project logs, so those will be put back up within the following weeks. Many of the galleries are also back up, but we're still combing our files for all the pictures, both new and old. It's a tedious process and we have so much content that hasn't been seen before from more recent times, but I'm looking forward to sharing as much as I can with the world, and our valued patrons, including some special patron-only promotions before the month is over.