This is an excerpt from my Zombie Apocalypse/horror novel Limbo. This is from the prologue chapter, and one of the two novels that I will be posting on this site! --- A loud, pealing shriek rang through the air - while I was used to pranks happening constantly around the campus, this was something completely different. I could feel it from the base of my spine to the back of my neck - the instincts that all humans were born with were screaming inside of me, and my heart felt as though it had dropped straight into my stomach. Something was wrong. As though to confirm my conclusion, another scream followed that one, just as loud and wailing as the last. And then another. And then another…. There was a sudden flurry of movement within the classroom - people were darting for the doors, trying to nearly crawl over one another to see out of the frame. Humans couldn’t help the fact that they were curious by nature, and just because it sounded as though someone was giving out their last and final cry of life wasn’t going to stop them from attempting to see it in action. I recognized the girl in the front of the crowd - she was mousy, with bushy brown hair and glasses. She’d always been bent over her notes, rigorously taking them to make sure that she didn’t miss a beat… but I couldn’t remember her name. She was as inquisitive as she was forgettable… and then a scream sounded through the air that promised I would never get her face out of my mind again. Her mouth was an open ‘o’ of horror as a blood streaked hand darted forward, grabbing her by the arm and jerking in a blur of speed so quick that I heard the sickening pop of her shoulder being dislocated. The classroom was in a frenzy. “Galen,” my voice was hoarse, as though I’d been sick. I could feel terror harsh and thick pounding through my heart, my mind, through everything that made me up. Something had just ripped that girl’s arm nearly clean off. Whatever that something was, it was probably the cause of the screams in the hallway. Those screams were spilling into the classroom now, like madness made an airborne sickness, infecting every person who it touched. I didn’t want that madness to touch us. “Galen!” I shouted his name this time, grabbing hold of his arm so that he gave a startled jerk. Finally, he turned startled eyes to me, and I could see each freckle standing out on his visage. “Rose,” Galen’s voice was hushed as he nearly croaked out my name, “Her arm… did you… I mean… the pop…” The white shade of his face was slowly turning a color to match the hues of his eyes, but he still spoke his next words. “Should we try to help her.” I’d already had that thought - just thinking of her in pain like that, in the clutches of whatever monster had grabbed her was nearly enough to make tears come to my eyes… but I knew that it was too late. Slowly, I shook my head back and forth, “Galen, we need to hide.” My heart was thundering that word over and over again in quickening beast that threatened to escape my chest. Hide. Hide. Hide. Galen continued to stare at me for another moment before he quickly nodded. While half of the room was attempting to rush through the door, the other half had taken to hiding beneath their desks. I wanted to say something to them, to calm them… but more than anything, I wanted to make sure that Galen was going to be all right. I slipped my arm through his and headed to the back of the classroom. I knew for a fact that the Economics and Chemistry classrooms linked through their storage closet, because the room that we were in had been converted from a Chem Lab the year prior. I felt my teeth sinking into my lower lip in anxiousness as I pulled us through the doorway, closing it firmly and yet as noiselessly as possible behind me. In the darkness, the sound of our harsh breathing was made all the more evident, though I wasn’t the only sound that I could hear. From all around, scream after scream was erupting in the air, making the entire school sound like some damned inferno out of a horror movie. I couldn’t help but to wonder in that moment… had I slipped to sleep in class? Was this some kind of nightmare? Was I going to wake up with a little yip, starting in my desk and embarrassing myself in class? As much as I wanted to believe that, the image of the poor girl getting her arm nearly yanked off kept playing in my mind - I’d never had nightmares like that. Something told me that I wasn’t dreaming. Something told me that this was only going to get worse.