LIMITED MerMay Commission Reward Tier
3 commission slots on Patreon for MerMay open May 1st to the first 3 to grab them. This is a May only commission to help me build my Copic marker collection. I get markers, you get art! WIN+WIN! It's been a while since I've done commissions at all, so if you want one don't wait! 

What you get: one character of your choosing (fanart, oc, etc.) turned into a mermaid created on a 4"x6" card and colored with 3 markers (plus black and white), also your choice on the colors. 

How to claim your commission:

1) On May 1st I will create a new reward tier limited to 3. If you are already a patron you will need to change your level of support to that tier. If you are not a patron, simply select that tier and follow the steps. The commission will be $35 for the digital image. If you want the card mailed to you and you're in the US, you'll need to add $10 to your pledge. If you're outside the US and want it mailed to you, you'll need to message me the country you're in so I can figure shipping costs. Please do not forget to add your address during this step!

2) Let me know which character you want and if you have any picture references that would be great. Please keep in mind this is on a 4"x6" card so the above image is pretty much the limit on detail.

3) I would also like your 3 marker color choices so that I may go ahead and order them while I'm working on the sketch. Also, the colors many times will inspire a pose or the overall feel of the image so it helps to know these up front. Go to this site to see the color swatches and roll over the one you like to get its ID

4) Keep email notifications for my Patreon on and watch for your sketch, ink, and final color image to be posted. I will send you a larger digital image if you would like and if you've chosen to get the artwork mailed to you, I will let you know when it's in the mail. 


Please let me know if you have any questions. It's been a while since I've taken commissions, so I may have forgotten something. 

The above image is Zoe from Firefly (#bringbackFirefly), created for patron, Aalyve Wyyre. She's chosen a dark leather, sand, and aqua which will be PERFECT for this artwork. I cannot wait until the markers arrive!



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