Lines for page 1 - yaaaayyy!
Hello amazing patrons! 

For the past few weeks I have been filming, drawing and done lots of thinking for the comic you guys :) It's been crazy busy at work as always but I have been trying really hard to make sure I always draw on the train to and from work which works out quite well if the train isn't packed haha and looking through a lot of inspiration sources are helping a lot as well.

So because this took me a little longer than I anticipated (so sorry about that guys!) I will actually not only release page 1 but page 2 as well in a few days - yaaaaayyyy *trowing confetti*

I have the lines ready for page 2 as well which I will be uploading in just a bit, so you guys can have a look. I'm so excited to colour everything, it'll be heaps fun! There will be a video coming with the coloured pages including a bit of background content from what I am doing all day every day and a recording of the colouring process :) 

Since I thought this could be a lot more fun for you guys than just always reading I decided to upload videos that will be accessible to all patrons guys :) And I am currently still trying to figure out the best way to live stream for my $5 patrons (suggestions very welcome!), if I figure that out soon I could try to make a live stream of the colouring process?

Anyway guys, I hope you're as excited as I am about the fact that you can actually finally see an outcome of what I am doing here and I really look forward to showing you guys the first two pages soon!

I will talk to you very very soon, guys!