Linking the Dragon's Chain
Check out my other videos here, htttps:// GAMING Battlefield 4 Edition Hello BattlePeeps, in this video I am playing Chain Link mode on the map Sunken Dragon from the DLC Dragon's Teeth. The basic concept of Chain Link is to connect as many objectives together as you can. If you connect two, that will give you one link. If you connect three, that will give you two, and so on and so forth. The more links you can connect to your chain, the faster your opponent will bleed tickets. I am using the assault kit and using the AR160 assualt rifle. Thanks for watching and remember to Like and Subscribe and share with friends and on Social Media. Game On! Remember Please Subscribe. Help me grow my channel to 10,000 subscribers. Battlefield 1 coming soon. Connect with me here: Social Media: Facebook: Twiter: Live Stream: Twitch: Voice and Text Chat: Discord: Merchandise: