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What is Patreon?

Patreon powers membership businesses, helping patrons invest in creators. Membership allows us to have a direct relationship, generate recurring revenue for our work, and create on our own terms. That's efficient, productive, world-changing, and fun. Throughout history patrons have traditionally invested in the arts: I consider myself an artful scientist-communicator.

Why do you need patrons?

Over a decade ago I began a bold career experiment to work independently and collaboratively in order to disseminate common knowledge and build movement more efficiently across many organizations, businesses, and sectors. As such, I have no job and don't work for anyone. I crowd-fund a modest monthly budget. I supplement that with "gigs", side-jobs, and alternative sources of income like AirBnB and Turo. My patrons give me flexibility and the opportunity to create, share, and innovate with a wide range of diverse colleagues in a way that is typically not available within organizational structures. As a result, our impact and return on investment (ROI) is very high.

Is my investment tax deductible?

No. If you'd like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Blue Mind Fund or support one of the great non-profit organizations or academic institutions I advise, have co-founded, am affiliated with, or serve as a board member, please get in touch. I'm not on salary with any of them, BTW.

How much should I invest monthly?

Our average patron contributes $12/month but you can invest any amount. When we hold drawings for prizes as we reach each goal your chances of winning go up with each dollar invested. You can also contribute prizes to our drawings as One Ocean Beauty has.

Can I contribute once if I don't want to be a monthly patron?

Of course, just sign up as a patron and after the first of the month simply deactivate your giving. Your account will remain should you wish to do another one-time investment. You are in 100% control of your account. You can also support other patrons or create your own Patreon project.

What do I get as a patron?

Patrons have a special direct relationship with me throughout the creative process, early notification about new content and events, and are included in indicated rewards as we reach each new level. Many patrons have put this deeper connection to good use to enhance their personal and professional lives. Then there are all those intangibles like pride, purpose, good-feelings, cool stories, and having a marine biologist on speed-dial for those random moments when that's useful. When we reach our goal of 1,200 patrons we'll have a fundraising event

How is my investment used?

Your Patreon membership provides the building blocks and tools of the creative process: technology (laptop, phone, internet, web hosting), travel to film, interview, attend meetings and share content, and the physical creation of products (books, film, workbooks). When we reach higher levels funds will be used to hire a part-time assistant.

Who am I investing in? Who's on your team?

My work has always been based in artful collaboration. From sea turtle hunters to neuropsychologists. I've never been an "organization man". I'm interested in the big picture, building movement, creating a groundswell. I like sharing my most useful ideas with everyone. That has largely frustrated past employers, which is why for a decade I've been purposefully unemployed (and need you). I collaborate widely and wildly with thought-leaders and gatekeepers across nine major sectors. I share my network and everything I know freely and purposefully. You can't build a groundswell by holding your cards close to your chest. But on a daily basis the "team" is my patrons, my close friends, and family who encourage and challenge me. And you, should you decide this all makes sense and deserves your $12 investment.

So, what have you done lately Dr. Nichols?

Research ~ A growing list of research papers I have co-authored. Over the years I've collaborated with some brilliant scientists and produced some publications about plastic pollution, sea turtles, oceanic hotspots, fishing, marine protected areas, wildlife and wildland conservation, and citizen science.

Books ~ Publications I've collaborated on. I love writing. I have written books for adults and kids, chapters in academic texts, essays for collections, forewords to friends' books, and some poems. I've got a few more books in me waiting to get out.

Films ~ IMDB listing of many of the great films I've worked on. I've been very fortunate to work with a long list of talented film makers over the years. And there are many more films to be made.

News & Media ~ A quick search of the latest news, media, and conversations about my work. I am available 24-7 to communicate about subjects in my areas of expertise and help journalists connect with those who can help them more than I can. One Wall Street Journal editor said I was an "honest broker" and ever since it has been my goal to live up to that moniker.

Store ~ If you need to buy book, blue marbles this is the place.

Events FAQ Research Podcast Books Films Media Store Connect

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