Links to Things Discussed with Tommy Pico
1)Tommy Pico is the co-host of the podcast Food4Thot and we talk about the episode (recorded live at the Tin House Summer Writers Workshop) where they discuss considerations when writing across difference and up and down vectors of power (the discussion begins about 21 minutes into the podcast).  A must listen.  

2)I also reference an episode of the podcast Cooking By Ear where Tommy Pico learns to cook a "Morning After Frittata,"  reads some poetry, and discusses his relationship to food (a prominent topic in both Junk and the forthcoming Feed).

3)Near the end of our discussion Pico talks about "problematic faves"  (a topic of a forthcoming episode of Food4Thot, where they will discuss Junot Diaz, Sherman Alexie and others).  I briefly mention Alexie in our conversation not because of his importance, at one time, for Pico but because he wrote a poem that engages with Walt Whitman from an indigenous perspective.

4)There is a lot of scholarship on the contradiction (is it a contradiction?) between Whitman's use of transcendent egalitarian utopian rhetoric, and the ways he portrays and doesn't portray African-Americans and Native Americans (and whether or not they are even included in his vision of American exceptionalism).  Whitman's own views were not consistent or stable.  If you are curious here is one and another piece of literary criticism about the topic

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