Linux T-Shirt of the Month Club!
A new, Linux-themed T-Shirt.  Every month.

Here's how the Linux T-Shirt Club works

On the last day of the month, a new T-Shirt will be mailed out to everyone who is signed up by that day.  (You can sign up at any point during the month as long as it is by the last day of the month.)

These shirts will not be available for sale *any* other way.  These are special editions just for the club.

You sign up by becoming a Patron of me and choosing one of the Linux T-Shirt Club reward levels (this makes my life easier).

  • Be sure to choose the right reward level for the region your shirt will be shipped to (currently only available in North America and EU/UK).

Some other things to note:

  • The shirt designs will be secret.  You won't know what it looks like  until it arrives in the mail (or someone posts pictures online of  theirs).  Maybe you'll love it... maybe you won't... it's a surprise!
  • All shirt designs are Linux-themed and nerdy as heck.
  • All shirts will be submitted for shipping on the same day -- and shipped directly by the shirt printing company I am working with.  Which makes shipping faster... and makes less work for me!  :)
  • If mailing address or shirt size is missing, I will ask prior to the last day of the month.
  • Sizes available: Small to 4XL
  • The profit margin for me is small -- but this does help support the work I do and the shows I create!  As such every member of the T-Shirt Club also get the benefits of the 8-Bit supporter level.