Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Ubuntu Snap

Snap invades Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Unity asks for input, and another game developer melts down in public.


  • Microsoft puts this editor under the Visual Studio brand but it has little to do with it.

  • It's another editor written in Javascript for Javascript developers like Adobe's Brackets or Github's Atom.

  • Actually, it's written in TypeScript, Microsoft's strongly typed language that gets transpiled to JS.

  • It's not that hard to ship software on Linux when the language is JS but still, good points for them for shipping it.

  • Moving on to our next story.

R.I.P. Neckro

  • Really?

  • Yeah, this is why we do this show because shite like this breaks.

  • I don't think neither this guy nor the lead developer are being completely honest.

  • And at the end of the day, who cares? It wasn't a massively anticipated game anyway. You tried to make a game, it didn't work out, too bad. A public drama show won't replace your game, have some decency and take care of your nasty businesses in private.

  • Well, if there was an actual breach of contract why is he posting drama on  the internet instead of going to his lawyer and asking “Do you want to make a bunch of money?”

  • Like Strider said, we’re not getting the whole story here.

  • Any sane person who reads the posts from both those people can tell they’re purposefully dodging the specifics.


  • I find this idea brilliant. It solves a lot of problems related to shipping software on Linux.

  • I had the chance meeting one of the SnapCraft devs at Scale 14x and playing a bit with this technology.

  • To be really interesting, this needs to be available on all distros. The day Linux gets a consistent, reliable release target maybe developers will stop whining about OS fragmentation.

  • What Sergio, the developer of Snapcraft, told me is that one of the only requirement is AppArmor (because, it's not only a way of distributing software but a way of sandboxing them)

  • Do you want multiple copies of libraries? Because that’s how you get multiple copies of libraries.

    • I'd rather have multiple copies of libs and working software any day. Also, watch out, I think Lutris installed a small Linux distro in your ~/.local/share, are you triggered yet?

XKCD 927

  • They’ve literally gone out of their way to recreate SDL2 instead of just integrating it properly.

  • Why? Because raisins…

  • Also, my money's still on it being worse than SDL.

  • Why do UE4 games have cross-platform rebindable controls again?

  • Their post doesn't say anything about cross platform consistency

  • I don't care if they're not using SDL2 (although they should), I just want controls to work properly. I want disasters such as Road Redemption or the early Oddworld versions to stop.

The Linux Store(s)

  • From that website from the 90’s (according to Reddit, anyway)

  • DELL is love, DELL is life!

  • This is nice to have an option but these resellers often sell overpriced or obsolete hardware.

  • I understand that these are mostly small companies and they can't be as competitive as the big ones.

  • Except Dell. Dell is huge and they still manage not to be competitive.

  • And where's Lenovo‽ Y U NO offer official Linux support on Thinkpads? Oh, right, gotta ship that spyware somehow.

This is a fan based parody, please support the official release

  • They bring that price down to Pi3 level and maybe the Pi Zero will stop going out of stock the moment it’s back in.

  • The 4GB DDR3 RAM version has my attention but not @ $149.

  • That would make a nice motherboard for a Lutris console that can run old wine and native x86 games.

  • I don't really see any other application than running x86 games, everything else can be built on ARM for cheaper.

  • It sure does look like a Raspberry Pi but for good reasons. Imagine if PC motherboards came in a bunch of different sizes (well they do: ATX, Mini ATX, … but those are standards). It's a neat thing that all the constructor created a standard out of the RPi

1 Stone

  • TIL the capacity of the Wii Fit is 330 pounds / 149.685K.

    • That’s Venn /w a bag of groceries.   

  • Connects over the Blue Teeth

  • Glitter pencil!

  • I was wondering why this tutorial was so focused on sending data to a cloud service then I realised that the tutorial was published by the very same cloud storage service. Also, I assume that those SMS notifications won't be free when they're out of alpha.


  • As the EFF say in the article, this bill does not sound like a bad thing. But with the mindset of the very few competing ISPs in the US, this is definitely bad.

  • Current rates applied by ISPs are insanely high here, and I'm one of the few lucky ones to get decent internet for that price.

  • Not sure things will change with regulations. In France, prices were brought down when a new ISP entered the market and kicked everyone's ass. Almost 15 years later, they did the exact same thing for mobile. Now, both internet and phone are very affordable. The US needs a company like that, could it be Google?

    • It is Google. Problem is the oligopoly doesn’t want Google cutting in on their turf and keep stirring up a fuss.

  • This is also bad outside the US because of the precedent it sets.

  • Thankfully, President Obama has said that he will veto this the moment it comes across his desk.

Privy D

  • It will be interesting to see what extensions get noped from the store.

  • That's excellent. Not enough people know that with each extension you install, you're basically giving full access to your entire web browser to some rando on the internet.

  • Took’em long enough!


  • Are you saying people lie on the internet for attention?

  • HTH did he plan on this promoting this company?

  • Many people still don't know about the --no-preserve-root command line option. Running rm -rf / will never erase all your data, unless you run a very outdated system.

  • At least, it acts as a gentle reminder to sanitize your input.
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