Lion House & my self-imposed hermitude
Here's a...thing...comic, sorta? That i made for my social media accounts and to share with people whom i love very much who want to know why i won't go to their loud party with their drunk/high friends. 

The announcement isn't relevant here on Patreon, since one of the first benefits of my self-imposed hermitude is more time for Patreon content. (Particularly, it should afford me the time & energy to finally fix my ++i++ website. Using a third-party host stresses me out for some reason, even one as kind as ComicFury, which is what i used for No Keys.)

Anyway, y'all should always get easy & first access to all the best things i make, and while this isn't "best" in its skill level or entertainment value, i am rarely this honest and raw in my art. It felt good just making it, so maybe it will feel good to read it, too.