Lion King

Lions with an average lifespan of 15 years don't actually live in the jungle...
Therefore their given title King of the jungle is incorrect.
In Africa, lions live in shrubs and bushes.
Unlike other wild cats, lions live within social groups.
A group is usually formed by 10-15 lions and only a few of them are male.
After reaching a certain maturity, male lions get kicked out of the group by the leader lion.
During the mating season, lions have sex more than 100 times a week.
each one lasting shorter than 1 minute.
On average, the leader lion leads the group for 4 years.
The leader lion expands the group by fighting another leader of another group.
Once he becomes the leader he kills all the cubs of the other group.
Male lions that can't use camouflage because of their mane, rarely hunts.

Usually the female lions feed the group by hunting at...
...night and the priority to eat is given to the leader.

Lions are inactive for 20 hours a day, but their speed...
...can reach up to 80 km per hour for short amount of time.
Lions that were once seen in parts of Asia and Europe ...
can only be seen in Africa and "Sasan-Gir" national park in India, today.
In the last 70 years their population decreased from around 450.000 to 20.000.
Some sources state that there are 6 different lion species.
African Lion
American Lion
Cave Lion
Asiatic Lion
White Lion
Mountain Lion
On average, a male lion weights 200 kg, a female lion weights half as much.
Lions consume around 7 kg of meat per day including the intestine, skin and eyes of their victims.
Depending on the weather and the area, their roar can be heard from 8 km away.
Also, lion`s mane darken with age.