LisaOnTheGo Blogger L.I.D.E. (LEEDY) Words

LisaOnTheGo L.I.D.E. (LEEDY) Words; LisaOnTheGo Blogger found this chart and this could help when you L.I.D.E. a situation, event or comment. 

Label it, identify it, and describe your emotion. 

Once she could L.I.D.E. she could process the event, situation or comment. It would release and surrender the same effect as forgiveness and LisaOnTheGo was then able to find her peace. 

LisaOnTheGo spent years telling stories and drama in her life, people would listen but it didn’t change. The stories and drama had power over LISAonthego, she got her power back by L.I.D.E. This helped LISAonthego change within. More importantly she learned the stories and drama are just that stories and drama that lead to gossip and putting it out again and again into the universe. Once LisaOnTheGo learned to L.I.D.E. stories and drama life changed, its purpose was fulfilled. Therefore, LisaOnTheGo doesn’t talk about her life stories and drama much unless it could help others. 

LisaOnTheGo was in an on-going event this past year and has L.I.D.E. the event and the chart helped with the guidance and the L.I.D.E. The event was wanting or needing a product that just didn’t work for her. LisaOnTheGo returns the product and purchases another one and again this didn’t work for her and again returned it and purchased another. Each purchase was a few months in between. The result it is not about the product or the store or the people it is about LisaOnTheGo. She would like to believe it is out there and you, you and you did this, and that, and said etc however she knows this is all about her. 

LisaOnTheGo L.I.D.E. the event and the results: labeled it - fear, identify it – insecure, describe the emotion - humiliated, anxious and frightened. Now that she has L.I.D.E. it’s done, its passed, its resolved she doesn’t know how or why and what she just knows it works. The product is working the way it needs too. 

Have a great day! Love, Laughter & Peace, LisaOnTheGo


LisaOnTheGo has been buying all her technology items and televisions from Best Buy for the last 7 years. Best Buy stands by and believes in their products. However, one day, lol, LisaOnTheGo will be called on her story and drama with a computer Products for the year of 2011 and 2015. Currently, children, friends, colleagues, computer product and Best Buy shakes there heads and laugh. She could laugh now too and know she is blessed, grateful and appreciative for Best Buy and the people who run the store.

They feel like family to her. Having an issue with a product she bought at Best Buy. Yes, there is a process and yes it could be time consuming and yes in the end LisaOnTheGo is happy and a loyal customer. Thank you Jeff (general manager) great staff, Will (sales to supervisor) you are an inspiration, awesome leader, well-respected, knowledgeable, run your department what you would want for you, fair and awesome customer service and now LisaOnTheGo’s friend, Shaun (supervisor) for believing in Best Buy Products, Bryanna knowing the products she sells in her department, In-store Geek Squad John, Zach, Andrew, Ammitt for understanding customer service, being authentic in you know what you know and Jenn you have been an inspiration in talking LISAonthego through the events, getting things done, listening and making LISAonthego feel like you’re her BFF that you care about and go up and beyond and stand behind your word. Thank you and Happy Holidays!!! Love, Laughter & Peace!!! LISAonthego

LISAonthego L.I.D.E. (LEEDY) Words

COPYRIGHT 2015 - chart credit Pousla Devi

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