List of art supplies I used for Hands project with Tim Tadder Production .
Hi guys, Welcome to my art blog. As many of you requested I will be posting list of art supplies I used for this art project. We been working with Tim Tadder in 2017 and first photoshoot was pretty nervous cause before the gig it wasn't really discussed what will be going on during photoshoot and it should be smudge free bodypaint. For first shoot (if you remember Red & White one) I used cake paints from Paradise Mehron applied with Kabul brush from my signature set for bodypainting by But coverage turned out not so good so I switch to application with sponge to make THICK layer and no transparency. But anyway it wasn't working good cause idea was to make different photos where is red hands touching body. Like one of my bodypainter friends said I got chills looking at red on white and I knew it will leave red visible marks on skin painted white. As a little fact our skin produce oils specially "a lot" on our palms & fingers. So.... not to give up I asked my husband to bring me airbrush and airbrush paint I had. So I sprayed airbrush alcohol based paint on top of thick layers of Paradise paint - it worked. But I thought layering was to thick. .... It was for first shoot and I learned that I want to do it next time with alcohol based airbrush paint only. So no much smudges. .... when Tim Tadder Production called about second photoshoot. I was like "All ready!". I ordered more bodypaint . This time color palette was black and red. But 3 pair of hand so total 6 hands all around the body. 2nd photoshoot: I was excited to do it so fast and flowless. Jeana (model) show up , she got ready , she had no makeup on. We there caring conversation, giggling I'm spraying her body from bottom to top with black alcohol based airbrush paint. Now time to spray face. So I'm almost done airbrushing her face and noticing I need to spray little bit more . So I switched to area on her tummy to airbrush. I got my eyes back on her face and where is was airbrushed black on her cheek before that area is nude skin color again. Looked like a I just had a mirage. So turn out Jeana had light light foundation. And this foundation just not just did not get stick to overlay paint. But even push it out so I saw paint airbrush paint fallen from her face like stucco from already super dried wall. Next was removing all airbrushed on face bodypaint together with foundation underneath so we can start with clean skin and airbrush paint will lkay just perfect. So after this all was good and paint stacked to skin just fine. So my final note about art supplies I used : I used airbrush paint from Proaiir in black for Jeana's body and 3 pair of hands was painted with red European Bodyart. Sprayed airbrush bodypaint dissolving with about 1:5 with 90% alcohol. Extra double sprayed under arms and skin touching areas such like thighs. SO Here was hoops of paint application. So now you can enjoy this final images from Tim Tadder & his production. Let me know if you ever tried to paint something and it didn't turned out how it's suppose to be at first? Best, Lana Chromium