A List of Taverns

Hey, Garmbreak1 here. I think little details like interesting buildings, landmarks or taverns can really bring a town to life, taking it from Generic European Countryside Town to somewhere your players will remember for the rest of the campaign. With that in mind, here's a list of nine taverns, bars and other drinking establishments, split between fantasy and cyberpunk.


The Bored Dog: Marked by a statue of a dog with its tongue lolling out. The Bored Dog was built well before living memory. The booze is mediocre but the food is quite good, upper-class folks "slumming it" can often be found here, instead of at a real underclass tavern.

The Laying Hammer: The only tavern in the Dwarven District, the Laying Hammer has little accommodation for the taller folk. They do, however, keep a stack of cheap wooden "high chairs" so the tall folk can sit relatively comfortably, albeit unable to reach the table.

The Old Horse: Named for the owner's ancient steed, often seen wandering around near by. The horse itself is gray, slow and ornery. The tavern itself is fairly new, to the point that some of the back tables aren't yet finished. There are a few rooms on the second floor available for rent. The owner hopes the recent prosperity of the town bodes well for the tavern, since he owes a lot of money to the people who financed it.

The One Where The Ale Isn't Poisoned: One of two bars in town. Owned by an ornery goblin. Frequented by a small group of mischievous kobolds who often hang out in the northeastern corner, playing dice games and cackling. The name allegedly relates to an old feud with the other bar's owner. The ale is, in fact, not poisoned.

Treetop: Built 20 feet off the ground, around a tree, Treetop serves the elven community with fine wine, mediocre ale and a very high-proof liquor known only as "Clear." Treetop is accessible only by ladder and if you fall off on the way out, that's your problem. The owner is a cheerful elf who is almost certainly drunk at all times.


The Cameo: The Cameo is a club with a gimmick: Every member of the staff is either a clone of or has had cosmetic surgery to look like a celebrity. Exactly who owns it is unknown, but their tastes are apparently eclectic. Common staff member "types" include Avril Lavigne, John Boyega, Yul Brynner, Daniel Wu, Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn, as well as more unsavory figures like Ted Bundy.

The Vault: The Vault bills itself as a "bartainment venue." Its gimmick is relatively simple: You put your order for drinks, and they stash them at the end of a long series of puzzles meant to replicate a heist experience. If you succeed and open your "vault," you get to get very hammered. Popular with young corp-slaves who want to pretend to be real flash cyberpunks.

Libération: Decked out in classical French regalia. Every pint glass has a fleur de lis on it, most of the staff speaks with a bad French accent, baguettes are readily available. The owner is Australian and not a single thing served here actually comes from France.

The Sketch: The retirement project of an "artiste," The Sketch's gimmick is that you can get your bill discounted by doing a drawing for the owner. The discount depends on how he judges your work. He has been known to add to the bill in response to particularly terrible drawings.

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