list of thigs in the world
1. Putting on clothes that just came out of the dryer.

  2. Peaches in season.  

3. Seeing old people who are super in love.  

4. Nose freckles that only come out in the summertime.  

5. The sound of fingers on a fretboard you only hear at acoustic shows and folk recordings.  

6. The way a home run sounds coming off the bat. 

 7. When you can get the tip of your finger inside the middle of your cat’s paw and their claws can’t reach you.  

8. Hearing a song you used to love and had completely forgotten about.  

9. When you take a selfie outside and the sunbeams cut across your face.  

10. The way you feel when you lie in the sand at the beach for a long time.  

11. Breakfast tacos.