Hi dear patron-friends,

I just dropped by to remind you that I will, from next week, begin to record audio / video sharings for you.

Life and location have been transitory, to say the least, these past two weeks, and time has been scarce. 

But from next week, I am to be based in a beautiful and tranquil residence for 3 months, from which I will write, work on the books and prints, and perhaps travel out to offer local haiku walks and quiet gatherings.

Dare I say, I'm quite excited at the prospect. I love my job, thankyou for making it possible. 

If you have any questions or subject matter you wish me to share or explore in audio and / or video, please let me know here, and I'll try to cover it in one of the following recordings. 

If you've been hovering on the fence about whether the $5 tier is worth it, this is the month to upgrade and give it a try. You can always downgrade if it's not for you.

Thanks for reading, thanks for your support, have a beautiful day.

Love, Kashyapi

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