Listen to me read my poem "Animal Door", published today!
Hi friends,

Did you even know I write poetry? Probably not, because I've never published a poem! But now my poem "Animal Door" has been published and you can listen to me read it!

The poem was published by Nomadic Coffee, a coffee subscription service that puts poems in its coffee bags every year. The poetry series is curated and edited by a different well-known poet ever quarter. The editor for this quarter is the amazing, award-winning DA Powell. When you get a bag of their coffee, you open it up and there's a poem! My poem starts appearing today.

But if you don't get a bag of the coffee, no big deal - You can call the Nomadic Coffee poetry number and listen to me read and talk about the poem!

Just call 415-484-7919 and enter my extension, 775!

No chickens were harmed in the making of this poem about animals.