Listening Rocks
Visualization for releasing frustrations.

You are standing at the edge of a cliff.  Several meters behind you is the edge of a forest but in front of you is an unimpeded view of a rocky basin filled with beautiful, giant rock formations.

You bring to mind a challenging situation that you have been dealing with.  As you think about it you can feel the dense, burning energy of frustration begin to well up in your lower chest.  You focus on the building energy without trying to push it away or stuff it back down.

The energy rises up your chest to your throat.  You take a deep breath and scream.  You feel the energy of frustration pouring out of your body as you yell your frustration to the silent rocks.  They absorb the energy but remain unaffected by it.

When you no longer have the desire to yell, you stop and take another deep breath.  Much of the heavy energy is gone and you feel a bit more peaceful.

Now you turn and walk into the forest.  The air is cool in the shade of the tall pine trees and you can hear the sounds of birds and other small animals all around you.  

You come to a moss-covered log and sit down.  You take another deep breath, inhaling the cool air and the smell of the forest.  You continue to breath deeply and with each breath you feel as if you are also drawing in the energy of the trees around you.  Their soothing, serene energy flows through your body and where it passes you feel the last traces of frustration slowly dissolving.

Stay with this image as long as you like.