A Listening Room: Climate Change

My newest piece, "Thaw", was written specifically for this exhibit.  At the time of submission we were waiting to hear back as to where/which gallery this would premier at.  I am happy to say that they have chosen Leeds, UK as the first stop.  This is really exciting because Leeds has a special place in my heart as it is where I studied Music Production at the Leeds College of Music, and I still have many wonderful friends and colleagues there! 

The Listening Room project is a curated listening experience where listeners are provided with a space to come hear sound and music created around a central theme. The Listening Room moves from various locations, and differing countries.  

I invite you to attend and share this event with anyone who lives in the North of the UK and would be interested in this event whether it is because they are passionate about climate change or passionate about listening to new sounds and music.  

If you are one of my patreons then you have had access to this track, as a download for some time now, so be sure to download it if you haven;t yet!  


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