LitRPG Podcast 062
Hello everyone, welcome to episode 62 of the LitRPG podcast. 

I’m Ramon Mejia. I’m here to bring you the latest LitRPG news, reviews, and author interviews. I have 7 new LitRPG reviews for you this week.

New Releases and Reviews:

The Eternal: Transcend - A LitRPG Saga (World of Ga'em Book 3)  (10:20) 

Kingdom Level Three (LitRPG: Kingdom Series Book 3) (15:20)

The Long Road to Karn (Realm of Arkon, Book 5)  (19:22)

Necromancers, Demons & Kings: A LitRPG Epic (World of Samar Book 2) (23:26) 

Office Wars: Bathroom Politics (31:33) 

Tossing the Salaad (Caverns and Creatures) (39:19) 

The Builder's Sword (The Legendary Builder Book 1) (40:36) 

LitRPG deals

Caverns and Creatures: Volume I (Books 1 - 4) $.99 till 7/30 

Office Wars: The Mailroom Clerk FREE till 8/1 

Out Now, Will Review next week!

Slime Tamer's Chronicles : Volume 1 (Slime Tamer 's Chronicles )  

Wild Times in Virtual Reality: Total Immersion VR Adventures Unlimited LitRPG 

Human: A LitRPG Novel (Tower of Gates LitRPG Series Book 2) 

Unexplored - Into the Wilderwood: A LitRPG Virtual Fantasy Adventure 

New LitRPG Audiobooks

Lion's Quest: Dual Wield 

The Way of the Clan: World of Valdira, Book 1 

The Land: Alliances: A LitRPG Saga: Chaos Seeds, Book 3 

Gamer for Life: Alpha World, Book 1 

That’s it everyone!

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Thanks for hanging out with me today. Until we can hang out again, remember to go read some LitRPG!  

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