LitRPG Podcast 081 - LitRPG Author Game Day
Hello everyone, welcome to another episode of the LitRPG Podcast. It’s a special edition today, we’ve gathered a group of LitRPG authors to play some fun games and answer some audience questions. 

It was a super fun event and I want to make sure to thank everyone that participated. 

Author Info and The author’s stories

Ramon Mejia - Host of the LitRPG Podcast and author of Adventures on Terra series ( )

Charles Dean - Co-host and author of War of Aeternus ( ) and The Bathrobe Knight series


Blaise Corvin - author of Delvers LLC, Secrets of the Old Ones, and a new upcoming Nora series. Delvers LLC bk 3, Adventure Capital came out recently. ( )

James A. Hunter - Viridian Gate series, and Yancy Lazarus series. He just released book 4 in the Viridian Gate series, Imperial Legion. ( )

Hugo Huesca - Author of the Rune Universe series, and his most recent LitRPG hit, Dungeon Lord ( )

Dakota Krout - Author of the Divine Dungeon series, which has had an amazing release recently of book 3, Dungeon Calamity ( )

Round 1 - Trivia, 

You only get 1 chance per question. 

One point per correct Answer

Winner of each question gets to pick the next category  (10-15 minutes)

At the end of the round, the Person with the lowest score becomes a judge, everyone else gets to move onto the next game.

Trivia Question Categories - Name that Video Game, Pop-Nerd Culture, LitRPG

Round 2 - Debate (15-20 min)

The contestants will be given a topic. They must then come up with an answer that sways the judges. This can be because of it’s humor, it’s factualness, or anything else. Winner each question gets 5 points.

Audience Q&A (30 min or until out of questions)

End- Author Info

Charles Dean 

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The Bathrobe Knight series - 

Blaise Corvin 


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Secret of the Old One - 

James A. Hunter 


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Viridian Gate Online series - 

Hugo Huesca 


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Rune Universe series - 

Dungeon Lord - 

Dakota Krout 

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The Divine Dungeon series:  

Ramon Mejia 

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That’s it everyone!

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Thanks for hanging out with me today. Until we can hangout again, remember to go read some LitRPG!  

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