A little Aloha can go along way
Cilantros Soup Kitchen is driven by the concept of Aloha, I hope to spread that spirit even farther and continue to raise awareness about homelessness here in our islands and what our pacific island cultures represent.

I envisioned Cilantros Soup Kitchen as a place of giving that welcomes  people from all walks of life with Aloha , from at-risk youth to Houseless Ohana. I hope that all who are served through my soup kitchen will feel the unconditional love of (God) -treated with Kindness, Compassion and Aloha weather one comes to get something to eat or just needs a smiling face and a little sunshine to brighten their day.

Please consider contributing to Cilantros Soup Kitchen. Your contributions will keep our Soup Kitchen  going strong and the spirit of Aloha thriving in our islands for generations to come.  Mahalo and Aloha 

Peace Love and Happiness 

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