Little animation idea.
This is basically on the cats my grandparents own. My mother and I wanted to make a book on my grandpa's cat George. But Amazon failed us and I needed to update their designs anyway. But due to my lack of a drawing tablet things would look pretty bad when I use a computer mouse, and lack of experiance with animating but I can improve as I go one. Would you support me in trying to animate this? My grandfather helped with the idea so he gets some credit on behalf of being supportive on the idea from the start. But here's some info on the cats, Georgie's a kind and loving cat who makes sure my grandfather is alright. And he loves to cuddle with his humans at night helping us sleep in his own way. And he will sit beside you if you sit in a curtain chair. He does get your attention when somethings wrong and wants you to tell him all about it. Also when a new cat comes around he and my cat who is the oldest Rambo teach the new kitty things they know. They did that when we first got the twin flame points. Romeo and Caesar, Max passed away last month so he can't be in the animation idea anymore and some things need to be rewritten and he was my uncles cat. And these are only going to be animatics, until I start to improve on my style so they can be animated in a way. So what do you think, would you actually support something that's based on a real live cat my family owns? And this would give me some indepentance on getting my own things to do this and save up for things I just want or for my family to share. And animation advice is allowed, I'd like to have advice on making these so I know what to do and not mess up right away.