The Little Billy Studio Upgrade!
It's been quite a journey, but I've finally caught up on everything and reached a point where I can afford to upgrade RazMcK Studio (Little Billy's production company.) HUZZAH!!!

Here's what that entails: The latest, greatest Mac Pro desktop and MacBook Pro laptop (Little Billy is going mobile), official subscriptions to the latest, greatest versions of Photoshop, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro, and the latest, greatest custom version of ToonBoom Harmony/Scene Machine (the actual software we use to animate The Simpsons!) On top of all that, I've spoken with the FOX Apple rep and have secured an insane company discount for all of it!

Here's the issue: The cost of these things is so great that even with the discount, tax break, and my regular income, I will be flat broke after making this purchase! lol As if this weren't enough to complicate matters, The Simpsons has informed me that I'll be put on hiatus in April or May. This means work has run out for the season and until the new scripts come in, the artists are getting temporarily laid off.

Here's the solution: To quickly build up my savings so I can upgrade the studio now and still have enough to live on until I get rehired, I've re-launched my Get Cartoonified offer to draw YOU as a cartoon! You can place an order and get details at In addition, I've launched an official @GetCartoonified Instagram at As of right now (sharing only the best) I've done enough Cartoonified drawings to post a new piece once a day, 7 days a week, for 13 weeks!

So far, I've received 7 orders (that's a 14th week of posts right there) and if I can keep them coming in until my hiatus starts, the new studio will be up and running by late Spring or early Summer (May/June 2017.) Please share this post and its links online and with anyone you think would like a drawing! Thanks, dude!! Happy Saturday!!! =)