Little Billy Is Coming To The Memphis Comic-Con!
Happy Friday, dude! =) I'm thrilled to announce that Little Billy and I will be featured guests at this year's Memphis Comic And Fantasy Convention 2016. I'll be hanging out, signing stuff, and selling originals on behalf of Little Billy and The Simpsons. I'll even be drawing people as cartoons! It all goes down Fri, Nov 18 - Sun, Nov 20. For the first time since Little Billy's original Kickstarter in 2012, I've restocked all sizes of the official Logo T-shirt! I'll be selling them for $20 at the con only before they hit Billy's all-new Online Store (link COMING SOON!) CDs, USBs, and iCards for $10 and original hand-drawn caricatures for $40 will also be available while supplies last. If you're in, near, or can get to Memphis, TN that weekend, I'd love to see you there! Tickets are way affordable and available here: Thanks, dude! Hope you can make it!
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