A Little Bit of Video
Here's a bit of speed through video, of various parts of Reina de Corazones going together. I didn't try to video the whole thing, because there was stuff going on all over the house towards the end, and my video setup to capture the painting portion was not easy to set up or disassemble. 

The photos and application have arrived at their destination. Now, we wait until January 9th, when the artists included in the exhibit will be posted. Think a good thought in that direction. It would be great to start the year with a piece included in a local exhibit.

Meanwhile, I spent much of today raking away the mess from all those places around the house where work was happening, putting away paints and molds, and getting ready to move on. I have a week to get gluebook, glued journal, and composition lessons ready for the art journaling class, so I'm forming the plan today, about what I want to say, and how to present it visually. 

Look for finished gluebook pages to start spewing forth after Christmas. Ho-ho-holy gluey fingers!