When I was younger, I had a friend. Who was often alone at home. It happened that those times he was alone, I came to him and watched TV or played cards. Before I tell the rest, I just want to say that this event is quite true.

One night he called me and asked if I would come over so he did not have to be alone, but my father had birthday so I told him we could meet up the next day. Right before I went to bed, around 11pm. The phone rang, I heard that my dad answered the phone. ”Hm, who can it be this late?" I heard my dad say before he picked up the phone.

It took a few seconds before I anything, and than my Dad said something like, "But why don’t you call the police?”, when the person on the other side answered, my dad said "Ok, ok. take it easy, everything will be fine!”

The atmosphere in the living room had drastically become more serious. I jumped out of bed and sprinted all I could into the living room. "What happened?" I shouted. "Your mate called, he says there's an unknown man in the house, it's a police officer! We must call the police, he's hiding in the fridge!" 

Later, after the police had been summoned, they found out that the man who had entered the house of my friend was a insane person who had broken out of an isolate. But no one could understand where he had caught the police uniform from…

Two days later, some kids found a brutally killed police officer… He was found not very far from the house of my mate. The policeman had sixty knife stings… So guess I was lucky my dad had birthday.