This past week I took a bit of a surprise break from work- thanks to  everyone who was affected, particularly those of you who watch the  silent streaming on weekdays. I really appreciate your patience as I go  about sorting my shit out.

It was just a case that between all the cross-promotions, building  the website, taking care of Nekochan with her twisted ankle, helping  Nekochan take care of her sick mother, and everything, I was getting  tense and angry all the time, and Conash finally convinced me to take  some time off to relax and get my feet back under myself.

So I spent some time just kind of chilling out, playing lots of  Breath of Fire 2 (thanks, people at the Devstream last Saturday!),  picking up the Switch release of Wasteland 2, and fussing over the Song  of Ice and Fire RPG campaign I’m currently playing in. It was nice, I  got over (most of) my stress, and I think I’m ready to tqckle the  challenges coming up ahead.

First of all- the Crystalline Village some of you may have seen me  working on during the afternoon devstreaming- that might have to rest  for a bit. I have a detailed idea in mind for a series of puzzles for  that dungeon, and they require an intricate series of tiles from Kumiho-  probably the biggest single bag of assets I’ve ever ordered from her. 

For now, I’m moving on to the other quest we had planned for this  cycle- the first real showdown between the military forces of the Middle  Kingdom and the might of Kellos! The Hero will be bravely wading into  battle on a special mission to seek out and destroy the Kellosian  leadership and help turn the tide in the Middle Kingdom’s favour. If he  successfully blunts the Kellosian’s forward advance, the way will be  open to take back Eastfort… but what if Barst intervenes?

Well, you’ll just have to play and find out!

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