Little changes in the policy of services. I add in the pledges label "On demand of patrons". It's mean that if you want specific PSD file of art (which I create every month) or specific pixel-art - just write me, and I send you specific package.

Why I choose way like this? I have two reasons to change the rules we use before. I know that lot of you supporting me, because I write articles on russian language about pixel-art creation, also known as "Pixel's Gallop". Many of you wrote me every month:
- Hey pal, just do what you do, because you are cool.

After this I realize that I just need to create Art, many as I can, and just send you specific artwork you like from the pull of artworks I create every month. You know that I love to drawing, I love to create pixel-art, and also I often work with indie game developers and share my work on Twitch and here, on Patreon. So... you can choose what you want (Art or something else), and just send me letter. It would be more easier for each of us. And it would.

New details, art & updates will be released on this week. Thursday will be hard day. I turn off mobile, and other connections, because this day i'm little bit grow up. To 39. That is why I'm trying to avoid contacts with the people this day. It's a little bit annoying. They want to be cute, but I hate this. Why? Because it's a like Women Day. One day in year all man come back home drunk and with flowers to... forget all of this on next morning. For what reason doing stupid things if you have no plan to repeat this stupid things every day? 

I have a plan to do many of stupid things on the regular basis. I call it - life! This give me feeling of full life. Almost full. Because many of my stupid deeds can touch my family. I'm avoid things which can hurt my family. But... standards... rules... politeness... it's not for me. I'm art redneck! And i'm glad that I can do this. Glad that I can be. Redneck for me... not a poor word. Nope. It's a mark of distinction, medal of honor, i give to myself for different merits on the little lonely art-island I call - Rusty Life.

Thank you, dear Patrons that you give me opportunity to life at this island. I need it.

(...RUS version of this news falling down tomorrow...)