A little giveaway!
I've been toying with this idea for a while, and here goes: 

Before I make a piece available as a print, I usually do several print proofs on matte paper to see whether the colours come out the way I want them to. A few of you already know this, as I kept you waiting for original art to be shipped because I still needed the original to match it with the prints! (A Herbology Lesson, in particular, refused to cooperate. ;)) 

As a little Christmas giveaway, I'm going to raffle off THREE of these proof prints to you! They are all A4 size, usually have a white margin, and are printed on Epson Archival matte paper. It's not the watercolour paper you know from my prints, but still really nice quality; they have a beautiful silky feel to them. 

The colours will be ever so slightly off; if my husband is any indication, it's visible only to me. ;)

How it works: Comment on this post with the print you'd like if you win. The following are eligible: 

- A Herbology lesson (that one actually is on watercolour paper - it was before I had the great idea NOT to throw out the expensive paper for colour tryouts. >_<
- Fingon rescues Maedhros
- The Hunt
- And the Orcs fled before his face

Maedhros returns is not among them - I printed that one straight away and the colours came out fine without any try&error. 

Patrons only, of course! <3 

I ship worldwide! 

Winners will be drawn on Sunday night, around 6 pm CET! Theoretically, three people can win the same print, as it usually takes me several attempts to hit the right colours. 

Good luck! ^^

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