A little heads up! + KS update
We reached the 2 weeks left mark!
So a new reward was added to breath some life into the campaing. Now backers can choose between the pillow case we had or this new option. It's the first time Awaken has a tshirt, and I absolutely love the design, so I'm really excited about this update  :)
Here's the link if you want to read the details:


May's patreon rewards will be coming towards the end of the month -the KS has meant more work than I expected!

What to expect for May:
-a starter tutorial about colors.
- a relaxed and  much needed doodle livestream.

-a layered PSD of the recent comic pages.

 -a new commission of the queue.
-the remaining avatar gifts. Remember there's one day left if you want one for yourself :)!

Thank you so much for supporting my work and for your patience with the rewards these last months :)!