A Little Note about Technicalities
(Last update: October 2015.)

I believe in full transparency, so I'd like to take a moment and get into the nitty gritty of the backer rewards.

Firstly, the "1$ feeds two snakes for one day" statement. This is an average, based on the cost of the snake's food and how often s/he eats.

Smaller meals are cheaper, of course, but younger snakes eat more frequently; I fed some of my juveniles every 4-5 days. Medium-sized meals are more expensive, but snakes on that size eat every 7 days. And, of course, big ole meals are pricy, but snakes who eat them only dine every 10-14 days. (I don't currently have any snakes big enough for the 7-course meal, but Hemlock and Dogwood will be there as adults.)

There's also a factor of how I buy the food. Sometimes I can get a pack of 15 or 30 meals with a bulk discount; sometimes I have to buy snake dinners one by one. Depends on the snake and their appetite at the time. And sometimes, snakes will refuse a meal, and that food goes to waste--although I always try to "recycle" by feeding the leftovers to another snake.

Secondly, the "I'll post every week!" statement. When I started this Patreon, I had the goal of posting a little something every day. Unfortunately, due to travel, illness, and other time constraints, that model didn't work for me. Instead, what I'm now doing is posting a week's worth of "daily" tidbits at a time - you still get the same number of snake photos, anecdotes, antics, and edutainment per month, but it's now in digest form, which is easier for me to manage and less likely to flood your inboxes. That said, even the weekly posts are vulnerable to personal emergencies, so please be patient if I am a day late (or early) to accommodate a dynamic life. :)

Thirdly, the "I'll mail you stuff!" statement. When you start paying at the 10$ tier and you drop me a note to let me know which snake you're sponsoring, I will create and mail a one-time thank-you card with your sponsored snake included. From then on out, I'll mail you a piece of shed skin every time your sponsored snake sheds--which will not be every single month--provided that the shed skin is not run ragged or *ahem* really dirty. (Snakes tend to poop in the middle of shedding.) If I can't mail you a piece, I will send you something else--a hand-written note, a doodle, or something else paper-oriented.

Relatedly, the shipping cost (a stamp!) is included in the pledge you make at the 10$ level if you're in the U.S. or Canada. If you're outside the U.S. and would like to receive mail from me, please let me know your country so I can get an idea of the cost. If the cost of mailing a letter is super-high, I may have to upcharge your pledge a little to help cover it, but I will be completely up-front about that if it's necessary.

Also, all mailings will happen after Patreon charges your card for that month.

Fourthly, my numbers may change if I get another snake, simply because the monthly amount to feed six instead of five will go up, and the "you've fed all my snakes for a day" amount will also rise. You are ALWAYS welcome to back at any tier you choose, regardless of what changes happen, and I will always let you know beforehand if I'm changing up the numbers due to an addition to the family.

Fifthly, while I will be posting a ton of my own photos, not all images I share will be mine. I will always endeavor to ascertain permission to share a photo and credit the photographer, but being that this is the internet and I am weak to snake memes, that may not always be possible. I will never claim a photo that isn't mine (nor will I claim the snake in the photo if it's not mine), and if you see me post something that you feel I shouldn't, just give me a shout-out.

If you have a question at any point about the snakes, the numbers, or your rewards, please don't hesitate to contact me!