Channel Update!

  You may have noticed but today the Beard got a bit of a trim! That's right we got a much needed face lift on our art work and I am very excited about it! This is just one of the many new graphics I had done thanx to a very talented individual named Frederik! I can't wait to share the rest with all of you in the days to come! 


Current Series

  Currently my main focus has been directed towards The Hunter Call of the Wild as you well know. As you may also have seen I have taken on Fishing: Barents Sea and plan to continue the series up till the release of the game on Feb 7th. We have gotten a very good response to the game and I really look forward to progressing further into the game and see what it has to offer! 

If you have any requests for upcoming content or colab ideas please be sure to let me know in Discord!


Winter Hours!

  Work is slow this time of year and as a result I will have more time to focus on the channel and our Discord Community. I plan to keep up a busy Live Stream schedule as well as to release videos on youtube for our off days. Let everyone know that we will keep with the 4pm start times until further notice (ie I have to go back to work lol)


Special Note from the Beard!

  Honestly I just can't thank you guys enough for supporting our growing channel here on Patreon and all your time spent hanging out during our live streams! Hanging out in Discord with you all has been a Blast! Thank you all once again ( do it with two hands! )!

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The TOP BRASS.. This is a tier you should never enter! You are nuts and need to go put your feet up and reflect on your life choices! This is for those that want to be right on top of everything. This tier includes all previous perks PLUS extra opportunities with Beard. For further Details please speak directly to Beard. Seriously why are you reading this still... Stop while you can... Run
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Bearded Partners.. This tier is ONLY for those that really wish to take the big step and push things along. This tier will give you every other perk within our Patreon Program as well as special Recognition within the community and on Beard's Channel. Seriously... go call your mom. You must be sick...
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