Alright! I figured I'd kick things off with a few questions and answers I figure folks might be interested in. If you have any others you think I should add, please let me know. I'd be happy to add them! 

"So why Patreon?"

After tabling numerous options, Patreon stood out as the best medium for me to use to bring in some monthly income while also letting me be at home with my family. It's pretty straightforward, it's well-known and trusted, and its ease of use were my deciding factors.

"Why now?"

Well, with the support of my wonderful spouse, I was recently encouraged to forsake the shackles of a full-time job. I was becoming miserable and frustrated because I would get home and have no energy to devote to art after seeing to the household things that needed doing. 

"Why do you need the money?

While my husband is doing a bang-up job keeping a roof over not only our heads, but the tiny, adorable head of our year-old son, this lack of income is putting an uncomfortably large strain on our finances! My husband is working hard so that I have a chance to not only put my art degree to good use, but so that I can be at home passing on what wisdom I have to our wee one as he grows and experiences life. 
That aside, I probably don't need to tell you how crappy private college tuition can be. I can, however, attest that I have a lot of debt because of it. I've been informed time and time again that if I hadn't gone to college, we'd be just great financially. Now, I don't regret my college years, at all. Some of my very best friends were found during my time studying for my BFA! But still, hearing that flat-out sucks. This money would help ease the burden my other half is currently shouldering almost entirely alone.

"What about your commissioned work? Don't you get paid enough? Will you still take commissions?"

I'll definitely still be taking on commissions and new clients the old-fashioned way, don't you fret! In fact, much of my future Patreon content will come from the pieces I will be working on. As far as money goes, commissions are great, but the income isn't guaranteed or steady by any means. I don't make much in a year, and I can sometimes go months without anything major. It is difficult (perhaps even impossible) to budget for such variance.

"What if you don't have any commissions to draw? What will you post?"

Fear not, folks! If I'm lacking on paid work to focus on, you bet your bum I'll be taking the wonderful opportunity to work on *gasp* personal art!! How exciting!! :D

"How do your downloadable rewards work?"

For things like the sketch book, tidbits, and previews, I won't be putting any kind of restrictions on viewing. For my tutorials and linearts I will post them up on the first Friday of every month after pledges have gone out. After that, patrons will have up until the next month's tutorials and linearts go out to download the files before I remove them. 

"I missed a reward! What do I do?"

I'm not a huge meanie! If you are a loyal patron and simply wasn't able to get your file for some reason or another, I'm sure I can get it to you.  Send me a message and we'll work something out. Just don't make a habit of it. ;) 

"I'm not a Patron, but I would love to have some of your tutorials and linearts, can I still get them?"

Defintiely, but there's a catch! Once I get my ducks in a row, I'll be selling the files in my store a la carte either individually (as in the case of the tutorials) or as a collection (for the linearts, think "mini-coloring book"). These will be marked up a bit, though. The cheaper prices are special for current Patrons!