A little sketch today
Hi there Patron friends. Hows your weekend been? Ive just come back from visiting my Dad in Bendigo, and also delivering my latest commission to his financial advisor. He was very pleased with the work, and I was very sad to say goodbye, but it was very timely to get some finance to help us bring some food to the table and keep the house building on the go! Our house is coming along so well! It will be at lock up in the next couple of weeks, and the plaster goes on in about 2 weeks! I shall send some photos at some point soon too. I have a couple of students who I am teaching painting, and this week I will be doing a 2 hour gift voucher session with a young teen who is very keen to learn more about painting, that will be so fun! I really do love teaching and helping people explore new creative doors! For now I wanted to show you a little sketch I did this morning. It is called 'cup overflowing'. Did it in about half an hour, while with friends at church. Let me know what you think. I very rarely do something in such a short time! Was great fun! This week I will be spending more time in a cafe painting the latest painting called 'come', which I am very much looking forward to. I am really enjoying spending all my time working towards painting and classes and all things creative! Its soooo rewarding! So I am so grateful for your contribution BIG TIME!!! It is my hope that in the next few weeks I can sell another painting, (to pay a few bills) so I will be working hard on promotion and getting myself out there, which has been a lot of my focus the past few weeks also. Anyway, hope your week is an awesome one! I shall be back again soon! THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT! IT IS SO HELPFUL! Heather :) Heather