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Hello Patrons and people who are coming for a visit.

Today I'd like to present y'all with a little thing I made in the Daiyuverse.

Essentially here's what had happened. I found myself stuck and very uncertain about some things happening in Chapter 4. I had an old writing challenge on my phone and decided to do something entirely different and not what I'm comfortable with.

And so Beloved of Colel Cab and Baby Daiyu was born. This is a little short fiction story starring baby Daiyu at around 15 years old. The Beloved of Colel Cab (Colel Cab is a Mayan Goddess who is pretty cool) is the object of wee Daiyu's first major major crush. Also, for extra fun this is the most rough of drafts. This is precisely how this came out of my head. All I really did to it was give it a little once over for spelling and that's all. Fresh from the story farm in my brain.

I had some specific goals.

1.) Give the reader a look at Daiyu and her Mama.

2.) Give Daiyu the chance to come out to her Mom.

3.) Try to capture some YA flavor queer romance.

4.) Build a small fairyverse without a lot of extra details.

I think I did pretty well for my first purposeful bit of non-adult romance flavored thing.

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Thank you for visiting and for coming with me on this ride. 



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