A little update
So I got a hold of RPGMakerMV and i've started tinkering. But for now im halting progress on Earth Gate.


Im not done with earth gate, infact due to it being virtually chaos, im taking some time away from my sci-fi universe and working on a new project which is tied into it. 

Earth Gate: Rival Dynasty

Takes many of the tropes and establishments of Earth Gate and re-bundles them into a Fantasy universe set at the technological era of the early 1900s between WWI and WWII, toss in magic and things are getting jucy.

I'll start showing off Rival Dynasty content when I find the time but for the foreseeable future the Earth Gate Sci-Fi universe is on hold. I wont bore you all with the personal reasoning's behind it, you get enough self pitty posts across other Patreons I'd imagine, if anybody ask's I'll explain. 

As a little sit-rep the Rival Dynasty world map is almost finished, I just need to add geological landmarks and a comprehensive Legend to it.