A Little Weekly Update
Hi everyone again!  

I've got some new exciting updates for my Patreon this month, as well as some basic updates.  

First off, we are in a new month, and all new patrons for this month will be receiving their reward in March.   So if you join in this month, you'll have access to all of my wonderful goodies that I share here on Patreon all month long and any extra goodies, such as the $10 reward tier pattern will be received by no later than the second week of the month.   This will be consistent from here on out if that was not previously clear before.  

Now the fun part!  There are new rewards that you can receive for this month's patrons.  Starting with the $20 tier, you'll receive all of the other lower tier's rewards and receive a bonus Google Hangouts call where we can talk about pretty much anything.  I'll be happy to do some tutorials, talking about your favorite stuff, or even play some video games.  You got Steam, right? ;)

The $50 and $100 tier will each receive a plushie or a doll.  Of course, you'll get the Google Hangout call, the pattern and full access to the Patron only chat and blogs.  At $50 you'll receive a small plushie which can include the Moonpuff line or another similar sized plushie.  $100 will get you a plushie or doll of your choice.  This is a limited quantity slot, so you will need to snatch up those slots quickly to guarantee you can get one.  

I'm very excited to try out these new rewards and I hope that you'll enjoy them just as much.  

One last little treat, I found this old mix CD I made years ago and I thought I'd try to essentially put together a YouTube Playlist so you can enjoy it, too.  


This is a Yoko Kanno mix featuring the Seatbelts.  It's actually just music from Cowboy Bebop, Visions of Escaflowne and Macross Plus.  All three animes that I believe should be required watching so you can get your anime fan badge. XD  Anyway, enjoy and have an amazing weekend. <3